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Thursday, February 05, 2004

I’m going to post a PM with a friend of mine the other day… well part of one. Eventually I’ll get more stuff written out properly. I've edited names and Identifying information to protect anonymity. I left in typo's :^) Feel free to let me know if how you feel about this. If you think I’m just eccentric or on a pathetic quest for attention you can feel free to let me know that also.

PM in Feb 2004:

Me: on the day after halloween my daughter woke up with horrible nightmare about me and everyone in the family getting murdered and having to live in a orphanage and the orphanage guy killing her
Me: anyway
Me: she had some dreames about heaven when she was about three
Me: and she saw angels and jesus and all kinds of stuff
Me: and described it in detail and i wrote it all down recently
Me: specifics
Me: so when she had this dream she was pretty freaked
Me: she sat on my bed and then she looked out my bedroom door and goes "mom theres a big scarry guy out in the hall"
Me: and i said no there's not you are just scared cause you had a nightmare
Me: "it sure doesnt' look like it" she says
Me: so all morning she kept seeing this guy and i had her describe him to me
Me: he was as tall as the ceiling
Me: all black darker than a shaddow but still somewhat see through
Me: could see no features but green eyes
Me: wearing no cloths but shorts, and was bald
Me: anyway... we delt with this for a week or two on our own and some things helped a little but not much
Me: my daughter finally told me it smelled like smoke so bad it choked her
Me: i called jack my step dad the preacher and he ended up comeing up
Me: it didn't help a lot
Me: finally he left
Me: one night my daughter was seeing it again
Me: and i told her to lie down
Me: and we'd pray
Me: so we did and i left the room
Me: i told her she coudlnt be scared because they like fear it allows them to be there... blah blah... which i've found to be true... but kids don't understand
Me: so she comes flying around the corner and goes "mom, there was that one guy... and then there was another one... and then there was three and they were flying around the room and one said you woudlnt even be there for me tomorrow and the toher one said it was my fault grandpa died"
Me: so i'm like thining "shit this is called schizophrenia... now she's hearing, seeing and smellign things that no one else does... and i can't do anything to help... so i laid down with her and decided to stay there all night
Me: she coudlnt close her eyes because she was watching them fly around the room
Me: and finally... and i didn't say anything out loud to her at all
Me: you have to understand that i didnt and had never said anything about this ever to her before
Me: but i prayed quietly to myself like this for the first time
Me: and wasn't even sure if i should
Me: i prayed to god to send angels to help us
Me: because i didn't know what else to do
Me: and i was patting my daughter on the leg with my back to her
Me: and she's lookign at the ceiling where the other things are and tells me she can't see them anymore
Me: and then allt he sudden she yells MOM LOOK!!!! AND ANGEL!!!!
Me: MOM LOOK !!!1 MOMRE!!!
Me: she stands up in the bed and she's all looking up at the ceiling
Me: she says she sees her dead great grandparents
Me: and some angels
Me: and she reads something off of a piece of paper that says in poetic words that i don't th ink she could have made up ina split second about how she was being watched over
My Friend: you should write this up and send it to CBN
Me: why would they want to know?
Me: they would think we were quacks
My Friend: nope they would love it
My Friend: i think they might even interview u
Me: anyway, the weird part was that she first saw the bad thing on the morning after the last day of october
Me: and she saw the angels on the last day of november
Me: it lasted exactly one month
Me: she still sees the black thing but it can't get to her anymore like that
My Friend: wild
My Friend: im telling u they would love it
Me: you see why i believe in spiritual stuff and higher powers? i'm not just a blind faithful follower... there really is stuff out there to believe in
Me: it was a great experience
Me: she saw grandpa and taked to him
My Friend: it would give many others hope
Me: she said they don't talk... it's like... telepathy
Me: i will share it
Me: i need to figure out how i want to
Me: i'll write it up first
My Friend: heck send it to readers digest

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